New Zealand Insulators is majority owned by the Tiri Group tiri.co.nz

Nelson-based Tom Sturgess is the primary shareholder of Tiri, a collection of businesses around New Zealand. Tiri's CEO Kevin Tennant & Finance Director Rob Astley are also Tiri shareholders.

Tiri is professional and commercial, whilst remaining very Kiwi. Thankfully Tom, Kevin & Rob concentrate only on what's right for their businesses - no politics, corporate bluster or middle management layers.

Apart from New Zealand Insulators, the other Tiri companies include  RH Freeman, Viking Conveyor, Viking Roofspec & Viking Containment.

In partnership with Mercury Capital No. 1 Fund, Tom/Tiri in 2013 acquired Blue Star's NZ print companies including Webstar, McCollams Print, Nicholson Print Solutions, Format Print, Printlink, Spectrum Print, Blue Star (print management & fulfilment) & Panprint Labels. Subsequently they have purchased the assets of Kiwi Labels in Christchurch, Brebner Print in Napier & GEON NZ (March 2013).

On top of his industrial investments, Tom Sturgess is also a significant pastoral land owner, with five sheep and beef stations (around 80,000 stock units) from Collingwood to Otago. Tom's farming assets go under the badge Lone Star Farms. Lone Star have a website lonestarfarms.co.nz which details this venture.

Click on this link for an (April 2013) article summarising Tom's commercial activities:

During its 98 years NZI has been owned by the following:
1924 - National Electric & Engineering (NEECO)
1967 - Cable Price Downer
1987 - Brierley Investments
1993 - Skellerup Group
1995 - Maine Investments (difficult chapter)
1998 - Viking Pacific
2002 - Tiri Group (JB Were Equity Fund)
2007 - Tiri Group (Tom Sturgess)