General Manager

Chris van der Werff
General Manager
Mobile 027-7066205
Temuka DDI 03-6878141
Auckland Branch 09-4125941

In April 2013 Chris van der Werff joined NZ Insulators, taking over as GM from Greg Howell.
To read the announcement of Chris's appointment click here.
Chris, with vast experience in MV & LV, is now well established at the helm of NZI.

NZI would like to extend appreciation & respect to the Managers who have led us in the past:

RH Taylor 1924-27
Jock Ritchie 1927-30
Arthur Toplis 1930-39
DJ Walker 1939
Mr Miller 1940
RH Taylor 1940-42
Tom Lovatt 1942-66
Ron Guthrie 1966-77
Ross Murray 1977-89
Bruce Matheson 1989
John Barr 1990-94
Robin Heron 1994-2010
Greg Howell 2010-13