NZI Brand


NZI brand stands for durability and certainty that the product is delivered 100% fit for purpose.
Since 2011, if a product carries the NZI badge, it means it is made by us, in our Temuka factory.

Products branded NZI can only be made by New Zealand Insulators, in Temuka, to documented standards, under an ISO9001-certified quality system. Porcelain insulators branded NZI are manufactured using our proven Kakahu-centric porcelain recipe. The reputation of NZI brand is based on durability.

Our market specifies NZI-branded products because they last longer, because they're better*.
* there are five product characteristics along with six commercial considerations which support our claim that NZI porcelain is better. For a pdf summary of those attributes, please click here.

And thanks to our loyal clients, rewarding us with more volume for our Temuka factory - we have been able to move from 28 to 64 production staff since April 2011. We're making progress.

The core NZI range - listed on the left - is New Zealand Insulator's key differential, our defining asset.

The fully-updated 2024 NZI Catalogue was released 1/1/24.

To download the NZI product pages in NZI's 2024 Catalogue click here

Please email David Glackin - or Chris van der Werff - to discuss, get samples, and/or request a quote on NZI branded products.