Payer Industries Inc, from their facility in Sainte-Monique (Canada's Quebec Province), manufacture an extensive range of Aluminium and Galvanised Steel Deadends, Armour Rods, Guy Grips and Guy Locks
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Since October 2016, Payer has been owned  & operated by Éric Joubert and Stéphane Toupin. Payer is an enterprise with a reputation for preforms of impeccable quality.

Between 2001-2010 Payer preforms were distributed under a house brand to most New Zealand Networks.
An industry acquisition and subsequent brand change meant Payer preforms became temporarily unavailable.

NZI have secured the exclusive NZ agency for Payer preforms, re-introducing this credible brand and we commenced supply in November 2012.

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Payer brand uses the coding system well known in NZ. For example an Aluminium Deadend for conductor diameter range of 13.85-14.44mm (Dog/Weke/Iodine) is called a Payer ADE 1385. Others have tried to develop their own brand-specific code names, but Payer preforms use the generic industry standard.

Payer apply painted colours to identify preforms, being those colours used in New Zealand for many years. In our example, Payer's Dog/Weke/Iodine Deadend (ADE 1385) is Blue, like it always has been.

Payer preforms are now tagged with a waterproof label which sets out the name of the product, code, colour, conductor diameter range, brand, country of origin & NZI part number. To see a photo of the (synthetic) Payer preform label click here.

Proven performance, widely approved - Payer preforms are in stock at NZI.

For a commercial offer on Payer preforms please call David Glackin 0277-460634 (  or Chris van der Werff 027-7066205 (