NZI Management focus on all staff utilising manners :

"In our opinion, the ends do not justify the means".

Excellent businesses achieve their commercial objectives whilst acting properly along the way.
Every stakeholder must be attended to - clients, staff, shareholders, suppliers and our community.

Manners really matter.

We ask NZI staff to observe some simple, respectful behaviours.

Nothing weird - just greetings, farewells, respecting elders, treating visitors special, never a bad word spoken about our customers, no raised voices, the correct use of email, eliminating the word 'they', no blaming and no gossiping.

We expect NZI staff will go out of their way to be ambassadors for their company.

If you've been treated by an NZI staff member in any way at odds with these sentiments, we need to know, so please contact NZI's General Manager Chris van der Werff ( 027-7066205).