NZI's fully-updated 2021 Catalogue was released on 1/1/21.

NZI 2021 CATALOGUE (Glazing Post Insulator Cover)
Entire A5 7.57mb download click here
NZI Brand pages click here
AX pages click here
DTR pages click here
Payer pages click here
Avon pages click here
NGK Stanger pages click here
Fulton pages click here
Cooper Bussmann pages click here
GIG pages click here
Polesaver pages click here
Long Controls click here
Narada click here
Fuselinks Compatability Chart click here
Motor Circuit Protection Chart click here
Cover & Contents pages only click here

NZI 2020 CATALOGUE (Insulators on Kiln Truck Cover superceded)
Entire A5 7.25mb download click here

NZI 2019 CATALOGUE (Dark Blue Cover superceded)
Entire A5 7.25mb download click here

NZI 2018 CATALOGUE (1924 Historic Factory Photo Cover superceded)
Entire A5 7.5mb download click here

NZI 2017 CATALOGUE (Red Cover superceded)
Entire A5 110-page 6mb download click here

NZI 2016 CATALOGUE (Metalic Grey Cover superceded)
Entire A5 106-page 3.5mb download click here

NZI 2015 CATALOGUE (Brown Cover superceded)
Entire A5 104-page 4.0mb download click here

NZI 2014 CATALOGUE (Grey Cover superceded)
Entire A5 104-page 5.1mb download click here

NZI 2014 LV Pocket Book (Orange Cover, superceded)
Entire A5 36-page 1.4mb download click here 

NZI 2013 LV POCKET BOOK (Green Cover, LV range for Wholesalers, superceded)
A5 40-page download 1.3mb click here

NZI 2013 CATALOGUE (Maroon cover, superceded)
A5 96-page download 6.6mb click here

NZI 2012 CATALOGUE (Blue cover, superceded)
A5 68-page download 4.5mb click here

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