NZI owns & operates a use-it-or-lose-it local manufacturing facility in South Canterbury.
We are a critical component in New Zealand's electricity network.
Furthermore, the manufacture of electrical insulation products is a craft.
We rely entirely on the skill and experience of our staff in Temuka.

Given that, it is a pleasure to acknowledge the following staff:

25+ Years (NZI's 25 CLUB)
Rayleine Peattie, Warren Cornelius, Heather George,
Debbie Campbell, Peter Campbell, Ian Clark, Gary Aspden,
Peter Quested, Debbie Stoakes, David Hall

20 Years
Gilles Konior, Gary Wills, Margaret Davidson

15 Years
Brendon Stone

10 Years
Bruce Cross, Isaac Galbraith, David Glackin
Kyle Waaka, Brian Stephens, Tim Lees, Mandy Gilkison,
Phil Wade

5 Years 
Chris van der Werff, Bradley Powdrell,
Garry Voice, Evan Watson, Brian Doake,
Gavin Gould, Quinton Gillanders

That's 21 of our 62 staff with better than 5 years service, not too shabby.
10 of our staff in our 25 Year Club, 14 staff with more than 10 years NZI experience.

Every NZI '25 Club' member is presented a gold watch.