Fire Protection Fabric

Protect your utility poles from fire damage

Polesaver fire protection is a specially developed fire protection fabric formulated to protect utility poles from bush fires.

Benefits include:

Low cost relative to the cost of having to replace burnt poles

  • Can withstand repeated exposure to fire and maintain protection
  • Highly U.V. stable and weatherproof : designed service life of 20 years plus
  • Compatible with all wood preservatives including Creosote and Pentachlorophenol
  • Compatible with Polesaver ground line protection sleeves

Bush fires often set fire to wooden utility poles causing them to burn through and fail leading to loss of supply and danger to members of the public and livestock. This problem can be worse on poles treated with copper based wood preservatives as the copper tends to support smouldering of the wood leading to pole failure a few hours after the fire has passed through. Even if the pole does not burn through there is often heavy surface charring which results in a loss of pole strength that can lead to pole failure at a later date in bad weather or when there is another fire. This is dangerous and electrical arcing/sparks can start another fire.

Polesaver fire protection is a specially developed fire protection fabric formulated to protect utility poles from bush fires.

Also reduces heat input to the pole from the fire the fabric limits airflow to the pole surface. This prevents burn through caused by wind that increases smouldering and burning through on unprotected dry poles. The protection fabric has been tested and proven in service. It is supplied in one metre wide rolls that can be overlapped to cover greater pole height if needed. The fabric is quickly and easily applied using unskilled labour, it is simply wrapped around the pole, overlapped and stapled in place with stainless steel staples.


Comparison of Poleaver fire fabric with alternative systems

Characterisitc Liquid Coatings Wraps and fabrics
  Latex based paint Intumescent paint Latex wrap Polesaver Fabric
Withstand multiple burns Yes No Yes (can be limited) Yes
Skill level required for correct application Medium Medium Low Low
Level of care required by applicator for correct performance High High Low Low
Is performance consistent if applied unevenly No No Consistent performance Consistent performance
Pack to transport to site (ease of transport to site) 25 Kg pail 25 Kg pail 10 Kg - 4 poles 14 kg per roll (up to 25 poles)
Pole preparation required prior to application (eg crack filling) Yes Yes No No
Time to apply to pole 10 to 15 minutes 10 to 15 minutes 5 minutes 5 minutes
Cost per pole Medium/High Medium/High High Low
Compatible with all preservative types including Creosote and Penta No No No Yes
Safe to apply Yes No Yes Yes
Clean to apply No No Yes Yes
Still provides full protection if the pole cracks or splits once coated No (larger cracks or splits) No Yes Yes
Typical field service life between inspection or recoating* 5 years 5 years 5 years 20 years plus

* Can be dependent on level of fire exposure